Can we make a mini green space in our home?

Let's try it! Green spaces are all around us. Have you ever been to a park, a forest or a sports field? They're green spaces. They help our environment and are important for our health and well being. But can we make our own mini green space at home and where is the best place for it to grow? Let's plan and take part in a fair test to find out. Create four different mini green spaces. Then decide on four different locations to keep them. This could be on a window sill or even under the stairs. How will this change how your seeds grow?

Follow the step by step instructions on how to make your mini green space. What do you predict will happen? Good luck with your experimenting.

So what is Let’s Try It?

Hands up if you'd like a scientist in your home? Our Let's Try It videos do just that. Pick an experiment and a Winchester Science Centre Inspirer will take you through it step by step. There's handy hints, lists of what you'll need and even a scientific method planner to download. Why wait, let's try it!


Let's Try It: Teacher Notes
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