Showcase the power of science to improve life on Earth and to build scientific skills that will help young children to take action against climate change and biodiversity loss. Together, we can connect thousands of children, families and communities across the South with science and nature so everyone is empowered to take action.

Here's why you'll want to work with us:

With over 40 years of science communication expertise, Wonderseekers can help make your research accessible and relevant to a wider audience than ever before. Through our extensive community ecosystems, we can open up exciting opportunities for citizen science and other activities to contribute valuable data to your research.

Wonderseekers believes that, with science, children can choose to live healthier, more sustainable lives and contribute to a better world for all. Science engagement has typically focused on specific scientific knowledge for science career pathways aimed at children over the age of 11. Sadly, by this point, many children already feel disconnected from science. Our approach focusses on broader, critical science enquiry skills for social impact, advocating that everyone can, and should be able to, use science to make sense of the world around them, support critical thinking and develop self-confidence and resilience. 

We'd love to hear why we should be partnering with you.

Current opportunities

Wonderseekers is currently seeking scientific partners for the following projects:

Our Place On Earth

  • A pioneering partnership project bringing children and families, environmental researchers and social scientists together.
  • A new way of working, setting a benchmark for engaged research and developing highly impactful, equitable research partnerships.
  • Comprising a living, participatory exhibition and gallery space at Winchester Science Centre alongside a community activity programme.
  • Our Place On Earth will provide a dynamic platform for young children (aged 3-12) with their families and primary schools to better understand, and actively contribute to existing environmental research and inspire future research topics and questions.
Speak to us to discuss current opportunities or to pitch your own idea for collaboration