The Wonderseekers Young Steering Group – championing diversity, inclusivity and great fun experiences.

Everything about Wonderseekers and Winchester Science Centre is about finding ingenious, fun and educational ways of exciting and engaging children in science.

So, who better to help guide us and shape how we do it than the volunteers in our Young Steering Group?

What is the Young Steering Group?

We believe all children should have the opportunity to improve their lives, the lives of others and, ultimately, life on Earth through STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths). Our Young Steering Group helps us do exactly this by making sure all our activities are fun, inclusive, immersive, interactive and accessible to everyone.

The Young Steering Group is made up of children aged from 6 to 11, who live in the South of England and are from all backgrounds with lots of different life experiences to share. Together, they represent our visitors and, along their journey with us, they tell us what we’re doing right and what we’re doing wrong.

What does this important and very fun job entail?

The wonderful volunteers in our Young Steering Group have an important and very fun job. Here’s a snapshot of what they do to guide our activities and shape our plans:

  • They give us advice on scientific topics that are important to young people.
  • They tell us about their experiences, and the experiences of other young people where they live.
  • They share ideas about our Charity’s activities and projects.
  • They speak to other young people where they live to find out their experiences and opinions.
  • They help us evaluate our Charity’s work and how we’re making a difference.

Want to get involved?

We welcome new recruits to the Young Steering Group annually – if you’d like to join us, read how you can get involved. There are lots of great benefits, including free annual membership for your family, exclusive access to science experiences and the chance to develop amazing life skills.

Discover how to be part of our Young Steering Group and shape the future of our Charity