We're taking a dual approach to sustainability

There's a climate emergency and everyone needs to play their part. Wonderseekers is passionate about sustainability and we're ready to take the lead in two key ways. First, we'll be using our science experience and resources to empower children to play their part in sustainability action. Second, we're committed to improving our own environmental credentials and inspiring others to do the same. It's a dual approach that we're determined will work.

We'll empower children and stimulate collective action

As an established and respected educational charity and experts in communicating science, we're in a unique position to make a difference.  We can play a key role in supporting young children to respond positively to climate change, to be active citizens and to enable them to play their part now and in the future.

We pledge to use our spaces, experiences and platforms to positively connect with and engage children. We'll do that through all science disciplines, with the natural world and we'll empower and enable them to act against climate change.

We have ambitious plans to use our rural, yet prominent location in the South Downs National Park to do it. We'll also develop our community programmes and platforms to connect people to nature and to increase biodiversity. This way we'll be best placed to support children and their communities gain the essential science enquiry skills and environmental agency they need to make change.

We'll demonstrate leadership and lead by example

Sustainability is central to our For People and Planet 2030 strategy. We're committed to improving our environmental credibility, reporting on our performance and using our experiences to inform and inspire others to follow our lead.

The energy inefficiency of our Science Centre is our greatest challenge. Unfortunately, there's no easy solution and it'll take innovative solutions to tackle the way we manage our energy, water and waste. The good news is that we're excited to take on this challenge and, in doing so, we'll demonstrate to others that it can be done. 

As well as our large-scale plans, we're taking immediate action too. We're implementing many sustainable initiatives – from making more sustainable purchasing decisions to taking a sustainability-first approach to decision making so we can operate more efficiently.