In 2024, we launched our Sustainability Strategy

In response to our Charity's strategic objective to protect and heal our planet and to inspire others to do the same, we launched our sustainability strategy. Using four key guiding principles, leveraging the spaces, experiences and voice of the Charity and working in collaboration with children, families, schools and partner organisations, we want to use the strategy to support positive and collective action against climate change and biodiversity loss. Here's how!

Flowers in front of the Planetarium

Through our spaces...

We will protect and enhance the biodiversity of our site. It is our ambition that by developing our site, we will create an exemplar of sustainable design.

  • Pledge 1: Protect and enhance the precious biodiversity of our site to deliver biodiversity net gain.
  • Pledge 2: Demonstrate our own commitment to the environment by achieving carbon neutrality by 2030 (Scope 1 & 2 emissions).
  • Pledge 3: Collaborate with staff, suppliers, audiences and partners to reduce our indirect environmental impact (Scope 3 emissions).

Through our experiences...

We will support children to respond positively to the climate and biodiversity crises, facilitating accessible and ongoing science engagement at Winchester Science Centre, as well as in schools and communities.

  • Pledge 1: Champion equitable access to science and nature.
  • Pledge 2: Develop children’s critical science enquiry skills.
  • Pledge 3: Foster connections and collaborations to create opportunities for children and families to take action.
Two boys sitting outside testing the harmonicas they have made

Through our voice...

We will stand with children and advocate for their interests, aiming to drive systemic changes that will benefit both children and nature.

  • Pledge 1: Engage children in conversation and debate. 
  • Pledge 2: Use our platforms to amplify children’s voices.
  • Pledge 3: Stand up for issues that children care about.

Our guiding principles

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