Can sound create electricity?

Let's find out. Watch as an expert 60 second scientist, acoustician Jennifer Glover, digs into the facts. Did you know that sound is a really sustainable source of energy? In just 60 seconds find out how we can create electrical potential from sound and what we need to do to improve this for the future. Wow!

Can you be a 60 second scientist? Make a science spinner and see how many facts you can come up with in 60 seconds about the energy it lands on.

We want to thank the Institute of Acoustics for their support in creating this activity. They bring together lots of different people working in acoustics, noise and vibration from across the whole country. That's a lot of people!

So what is a 60 Second Scientist?

On your marks, get set, go! Prepare to be amazed and excited with fascinating STEM facts in just 60 seconds. Super quick, super fun and super unique. You'll be engaged, astounded and inspired. Can you become 60 second scientists? Watch the video and see what you can share in 60 seconds.