Can hot chocolate change the pitch of sound?

Let's try it! We love hot chocolate. It's delicious and warms us up on a cold day. But can hot chocolate change how sound travels? Let's plan and take part in a fair test to find out. With your grown up make yourself a yummy mug of hot chocolate. Give it a good stir so that it goes all bubbly. Now tap the side of the mug? What can you hear? 

Follow the step by step instructions. What do you predict will happen? Good luck with your experimenting.

We want to thank the Institute of Acoustics for their support in creating this activity. They bring together lots of different people working in acoustics, noise and vibration from across the whole country. That's a lot of people! 

So what is Let’s Try It?

Hands up if you'd like a scientist in your home? Our Let's Try It videos do just that. Pick an experiment and a Winchester Science Centre Inspirer will take you through it step by step. There's handy hints, lists of what you'll need and even a scientific method planner to download. Why wait, let's try it!


Let's Try It: Teacher Notes
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