Charlie Director of Communications

We were delighted to join our patron Megan McCubbin this week to celebrate the launch of her new book, An Atlas of Endangered Species.

Family and friends gathered at The Hawk Conservancy Trust on Wednesday 10th May to share in Megan's success, whist also having the opportunity to admire an incredible array of birds that live there, including the white-backed vulture that's featured in the book.

Remembering that one of our Young Steering Group was a huge fan of vultures, Megan had a gift for them, an inscribed copy of her book. How lovely is that! As luck would have it, our Young Steering Group were meeting later that same day so we were able to pass on the gift. As you can see from the photo, they absolutely loved it! 

Also at the book launch, Megan spoke about having dyslexia and the extreme anxiety that she had felt for books as a child. She gave her heartfelt thanks Phil Roseblade, her childhood dyslexia tutor, for his invaluable support and said that she could not have followed the career that she has so far, without it - especially becoming a published author! Megan's firsthand experience of dyslexia has helped shape who she is and motivates her to want to help others. 

In An Atlas of Endangered Species, Megan shares real stories of scientists, rangers and conservationists working around the world to save extraordinary creatures from extinction. It even includes a chapter on humans, and the critically important role we play in the future survival of these animals and of the planet. 

We would recommend adding Megan's book to your reading list!