Charlie Director of Communications

There was a film premier with a difference at the Science Centre in July.

It was a film premier with a difference at Winchester Science Centre when two groups of children from Leigh Park and Hampshire Young Carers took their seats at the Planetarium to watch themselves on the big screen.

The special event was held to show two short films, co-created and starring the children, and was the climax to Bold Futures – a remarkable initiative to use the power of young voices to put their fears and aspirations around climate change centre stage.

The children were filmed at interactive community-based workshops, studying and drawing the nature in their local environment and exploring ways to start conversations about climate change. Their films gave them the perfect opportunity to share their feelings and fears for the environment and motivate other youngsters to think about how they can help protect the planet too. 

The young stars were also treated to a Science Live show and saw bubbles set on fire before watching their films and embarking on an unforgettable journey through the Solar System in the Planetarium.

Here's what some of the stars of the show had to say about the Bold Futures project:

Sophia, 9¾, Eastleigh Young Carer: “Children should definitely get involved because when they’re older they might want to be a scientist and do scientific studies and it would help them.”

Grace, 12, Eastleigh Young Carer: “The best part was making friends with everyone and talking about the environment and ways to make it better.”

Toby, 10, Leigh Park: “It’s like a really rare opportunity – I might only get to do this once in my life.”

Theodore, 9, Leigh Park: “I made a Play-Doh crocodile because I get cross about the rubbish people leave and it hurts the crocodiles.”

The children’s voices will now be heard by thousands as the two films are shown in the Planetarium throughout the summer school holidays and shared with community leaders, environmental groups and policymakers.

This is exactly the sort of inspirational change that Wonderseekers wants to encourage as Ben Ward, CEO of Wonderseekers explains:

“Children don’t need a voice, they already have one. They need a platform to be able to start their conversations. At Wonderseekers we want to empower children to find that platform through fun and creative projects like this one. Hearing these children share their visions for a better future is inspiring and I can’t wait to hear more children join the conversation this summer at the Science Centre.”

The Bold Futures project was made possible thanks to funding from a collaboration between The Association of Science and Discovery Centres, the Museums Association and The Liminal Space. The project, Bold Futures is a new national STEM (science technology, engineering and maths) engagement programme. It built upon the Inspiring Science Fund and the Science and Discovery Centre Futures report by The Liminal Society, commissioned by charitable foundation Wellcome as an ISF legacy.   

Watch these amazing films and hear the children’s powerful voices now: