Are you curious enough to become a stickiness detective?

Check this out! Scientists used biomimicry to solve a challenge. Biomimicry is when we copy events or actions that happen in nature. Engineer George de Mestral went for a dog walk in 1941. He saw the dog’s fur and his own clothes had lots of ‘things’ attached to them. He realised these were burrs from bushes on the walk. They have small hooks on the outside which makes them hook onto clothes and fur. He wondered if they could be used for something helpful. This sparked his idea to copy the burr and he invented Velcro.

Try the Stickiness Detectives Curiosity Challenge. See if you can notice any Velcro type fasteners around you. What other materials are used to join and stick two things together?

So what is a Curiosity Challenge? 

It's time to put your thinking caps on. Where will your curiosity take you as you get stuck in with a science experiment or research challenge? Have fun with biomimicry in action and dig into the facts about some real life STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) experts.


Curiosity Challenge: Stickiness Detectives
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